Letters to the Editor

Vietnam protests aimed at government, not troops

Why The Olympian would print Dennis Westerlin’s recent letter saying that he finds it “interesting that the boomers of today worship the military and yet they spit on the ones coming back from Vietnam” is beyond me. Hey Dennis, don’t you think that’s just a wee bit overly generalized of a statement to hold water?

I’m a boomer, I opposed the Vietnam War (3 million Vietnamese died, 58,000 Americans, for what?) and I never spit on any Vietnam Vet because I understood it was our government and the generals who were primarily at fault not the soldiers who were sent on an insane mission to conquer (yet another) foreign country only to fail miserably in their vain and grandiose attempt.

And I certainly don’t worship the military. In fact, I think we should end the military’s dominance in the world, withdrawing all US forces from abroad and rebuild our insanely unjust capitalist economy on a humane basis the takes care of human needs first and militaristic needs last.

Chris Stegman