Letters to the Editor

Terrorist in the room is the only non-Muslin

We all know that Iran attacked the U.S., right? It was in…oh, wait, they’ve never attacked anyone. Didn’t the U.S. shoot down a plane over Iran with more than 250 civilians on board?

Well, Saddam Hussein attacked the U.S., right? Well, not exactly. In fact, the U.S. gave him chemical weapons, and told him to use them (against Iran, and against the Kurds.) The Taliban attacked the U.S., as I remember. Wait, come to think of it, they’ve never been seen anywhere except in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And don’t they carry American-made weapons that we gave them?

Well, Bashar al Assad and Syria must have attacked the U.S., yes? Well, no. Actually, he took in more than a million refugees, Muslim and Christian and Yazidi alike, who fled Iraq after the U.S. invasion. This I know: ISIS attacked the U.S. It must be so. On second thought, it never happened, did it?

Get the picture? There is only one thing these events all have in common: violent, aggressive, bloody invasions by the non-Muslim in the room. Who is going to stop the terrorist nation?

David Albert