Letters to the Editor

Morgan shared videos so public knows the truth

The Olympian’s reporting on JZ Knight/ Ramtha’s complaints against the Freedom Foundation was missing critical elements to this story. The Freedom Foundation and I are under attack by this 35,000 year old warrior because I committed the sin of exposing the truth to local elected officials.

I submitted to the Thurston County Commissioners a variety of videos where JZ/Ramtha was making disparaging remarks against Jews, Catholics, Mexicans, and others in order for them to know the truth. I did this because she has great influence and control over the Democratic Party and politicians – including the commissioners – particularly when she is the largest political donor to the Thurston County Democrats in recent history.

Does she have a right to make racist speeches? Absolutely. She can make as many racist speeches as she desires. Is she allowed to buy a political party? I see nothing illegal with her enlightened funding of the local Democratic Party. She is a good Democrat. Should she get special treatment because she dominates the local political party in control? No. Should people be able to see these videos in their complete context? Yes. JZ Knight/Ramtha can and should do this if she believes they need context.

Glen Morgan