Letters to the Editor

Boomers protested war, not our Vietnam veterans

On Nov. 24 there was a letter to the editor “Boomers hated ‘Nam vets but love the military today.” It is the belief of many, including myself, that during that era there were protests surrounding the war but not the soldiers. Boomers did not hate Vietnam soldiers. Those soldiers were our friends, neighbors, classmates and family.

While there is no dispute that horrible displays of protest did occur, it was a protest of the war, not to be confused with a protest against the soldiers drafted to Vietnam. There was always respect and love for our soldiers that got caught in the crossfire of political protests and the manner the war was fought.

Soldiers serving in Vietnam were killed, maimed and permanently altered in ways that are not always visible. I speak for countless Baby Boomers - we loved the soldiers drafted to Vietnam then and we love them now.

Laurie McDougall Barckley