Letters to the Editor

There’s value in a walk through wooded trails

The article by Emily Lardner made many valid points about the value of retaining the LBA Woods. There are few wooded undeveloped properties in the urban area. Not everyone thinks that parks must have ball fields and playground equipment. To be able to walk in the woods and enjoy the quiet is a gift for the spirit. There is something of interest all year in the LBA woods: trilliums, dogwood trees in bloom, occasional holly trees, frost on bare branches. Just breathe deeply and relax.

If Bob Droll, the Olympia’s park consultant, had been around in the early 1900s when Priest Point Park was created, he probably would have recommend cutting all the trees and grading the hills flat for more ball fields.

I walk in Wonderwood Park in Lacey everyday and, yes, there are ball fields and picnic tables, but there are trails throughout the park. The LBA woods combined with the existing LBA park would create another wonderful partnership of land uses.

Bernie Main