Letters to the Editor

Officer cannot be blamed for the death in Ferguson

After reading the recent opinion from Jamelle Bouie, I was appalled The Olympian would print such propaganda. Bouie is speaking from an uneducated point of view as she claimed “police are empowered to terrorize without consequence.” Police are not empowered to terrorize; they are empowered to interject themselves in people’s lives who cannot control nor function within their own life and need another to control/limit their behavior.

Furthermore, police do not want to interject themselves in othe lives, they truly want to protect and serve, but current demands limit that function. Taking the Michael Brown incident and ignoring all the facts, twisting the incident and blaming police is wrong. Dignity and respect should not be given to Brown. While it is sad he died, he died violently attacking a police officer, who he should have respect and dignity for.

Also, it should not be ignored that Brown just robbed a store and attacked a police officer inside his vehicle after being told to get out of the road. Thinking Officer Wilson is to blame for the use of lethal force is wrong as you must ignore the facts of the incident to believe so.

If Bouie is an expert in police work, departments are hiring.

Mike Brooks