Letters to the Editor

Time is here for clean, renewable fuels

Thank you OPEC for lowering oil prices. This causes CO2 intensive fracking oil to become unprofitable. Fracked oil requires one gallon to extract 4 gallons. Spindle Top oil from the original Texas oil boom, took one gallon to produce 50. Tar sands oil not only is a financial losing proposition and quick ticket to global climate doom, but also a major national security threat.

Running trains with a million gallons of volatile oil through our cities and towns is too tempting to anyone bent on doing heinous terrorist acts. What destruction might a train loaded with a million gallons of oil do at rush hour? A lose-lose situation for everyone but greedy, short-sighted oil investors. OPEC while I applaud you, I must also voice disagreement in continued dependence on fossil fuels. The switch to renewables has proven possible and profitable. We have options: Solar, wind, tidal, hydro, biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol, better batteries, and my favorite and likely most promising, algae. Algenol.com has announced starting commercial production of algae based biofuels at over 9,000 gallons per acre in 2015. The time for clean, renewable fuels has arrived: Let’s implement them.

Mike Pelly