Letters to the Editor

Brown’s rage may have represented abuse of many

How does the shooting of Michael Brown become a flashpoint for Civil Rights? Brown assaulted a police officer beyond what an unprovoked person would do. He reached inside the patrol car and tried to grab the officer’s gun. But the bigger question that needs to be asked is why would someone do this? I understand Brown was not just an unarmed teenager, he was also a 6’5”, 280lbs+ adult male who had just strong-arm robbed a convenience store where he violently manhandled the proprietor. Brown did not have wings sprouting from his back. And Officer Wilson encountered Brown walking down the middle of a major roadway affecting traffic and threatening the well-being of citizens.

A police officer that would let such behavior just pass by as nothing important would be an employee in need of firing. But then, here’s the thing. When initially encountered by the law, why did Michael Brown go so far and violently overboard in his aggression toward authority? Could it maybe be because he was just unacceptably upset with being harassed and challenged as a black male all his young adult life? Could the rage he felt simply represent the suppressed abuse of many? Sure, cops can’t be physically challenged without returning overwhelming response. But citizens who have been abused by the law can feel the same way. Maybe Michael Brown did what he did because he finally had the anger to fight back.

Steve Shanewise