Letters to the Editor

Soda tax would be a positive step forward

As a teenager I think that putting a tax on soda and candy in Washington is definitely something to consider again. The issue was considered in 2010, but the law was not passed. If a tax was put on soda and candy, the extra money could go toward teaching people about health care, or it could go toward helping combat diabetes. The Washington Post states that Americans consume 13.8 billion gallons of sugar sweetened beverages a year. Just thinking about that makes me feel sick. If we were to put even a 1 cent tax on every ounce of sugary drinks, past research shows that it would decrease soda consumption by between 10 and 25 percent. That may seem like an insignificant amount but if you think about it, there’s a lot of people who could get really sick by consuming insane amounts of sugar every year.

Emma Elliott-Seel