Letters to the Editor

Corporate CEOs can be a dangerous bunch

There is no doubt that corporations have played a major role in creating the tremendous wealth of our nation. But their role in this endeavor has had it’s down side, as well. Throughout history, these institutions have engaged in slavery, child labor abuses, paying unlivable wages, tax evasion, union busting, illegal immigration, needless environmental destruction, fraudulent banking practices and the bribery of our elected officials. In so doing, they have shown themselves to be totally lacking in morals, ethics, values, compassion and loyalty to the values and goals of our nation.

Today, corporate CEO’s meet in secret meetings to plan and organize the destruction of our governments ability to tax, regulate and control their activities; using the wealth that we create for them to openly bribe, elect and control our Supreme Court Judges, Congressmen, Senators and President. This agenda, with it’s total disregard for the needs of our people and planet, makes corporate CEO’s the world’s most dangerous political, environmental and economic terrorists, whose ability to destroy our nation far exceeds that posed by Middle Eastern terrorists or rogue nations. The old adage, “all that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing,” has never been more applicable to the future of our nation, then it is today. Hopefully, we will wake up from our slumber and get these institutions under control before they destroy both our freedoms and future.

James L. Packard