Letters to the Editor

U.S. arms Mideast friends and foes alike

The military situation in the Middle East is really quite simple: It’s a U.S. arms merchant’s dream. We use U.S. weapons against ISIS, ISIS uses U.S. weapons against our allies, and now we learn that Iran uses U.S. F-4’s to bomb ISIS too. We sell hundreds of billions in U.S. weapons to Turkey, Egypt, Jordon, Israel, Iraq, Quttar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. This means that the violence in the Mideast isn’t religious or political: it’s just good business. Everybody uses U.S. weapons to make war on everybody else. So if you own stock in Boeing, Northrup Grumman, or any of the other blue chip arms contractors on Wall Street, you are doing very well indeed. Your stock broker should get a fabulous Christmas bonus this year, every dollar of it soaked in blood.

Fred LaMotte