Letters to the Editor

Vietnam vets were treated poorly

On Dec 7 there was a letter to the editor titled “Boomers protested war not our Vietnam veterans.” I believe Laurie McDougall Barckley is completely unaware of what our Vietnam soldiers experienced upon returning to the country they served. It is true, many people were protesting the war itself. But the media had pumped live images from the battlefields into our living rooms every night, with commentary about the horrors of war. Highlighting all the terrible things American soldiers were doing to innocent villagers in Vietnam. Many of these soldiers, who were doing what they had been instructed to do, were welcomed home by being spit on and called monsters or “baby killers”, afraid to walk down the street in their uniform. And those who still suffer the effects of war, including chemical warfare, have to claw and fight to get help from the country they served. My brother, 20 years old at the time, was killed in Vietnam in 1970, after being there a short 3 weeks. I believe in free speech but detest violence. I support our military men, women and our veterans, and personally thank all of them, every chance I can. I also believe people need to open their eyes to reality of what really happened, because everyone did not welcome and support the soldiers who returned from Vietnam.

Kathy Sanders