Letters to the Editor

A simple, 8-point plan to fix our infrastructure

Congress continues to wring its hands (and ignore) our crumbling infrastructure. Roads, bridges, sewer, water, etc. are falling apart all over the country. But almost nothing is being done to address the problem, citing budgetary concerns.

Well, Congress, get off the pot and just follow this simple plan:

1. Reduce military spending by one-half. (Such a military budget would still be more than twice that of China and Russia combined). 2. Get out of Afghanistan, and Iraq, and stay out. (Admit it -- we lost those wars). 3. Eliminate at least one-third of all U.S. military bases and close all but, say, 100 of the 750 or so of our foreign bases.

4. Bring home all of the killing machines (called drones). 5. Eliminate all foreign aid to Israel and Egypt. (What, exactly, are we getting for our billions every year?) 6. Reduce corporate tax rates to those of Western europe (no more excuses to cheat), but eliminate all corporate welfare and tax all corporate monies held overseas in tax-avoidance schemes. 7. Trash Homeland Security and start over. 8. Dump the CIA. When did they last do something good, or intelligent? (The CIA was greatly surprised when the former Soviet Union collapsed, and were astonished - so they told the world - that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq).

So there you have it, Congress. Gold paved roads, safe bridges and a reliable flush. And no, I’m too old to run for president in 2016. Sorry.

Paul H. Watt