Letters to the Editor

The United States is not a terrorist nation

I can tolerate most of the “Why I hate America” letters The Olympian likes to publish but David Albert’s letter on Dec. 4 sent me through the roof. While I am generally not a love-it-or-leave-it guy, I would assume Albert will be moving away soon as nobody wants to live in a “terrorist nation,” right? I know lots of folks that will help you pack.

Albert lists several cases where the evil USA attacked (with absolutely no provocation) peace-loving people like ISIS, the Taliban, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al Assad. Yep, those guys were just singing around the campfire when US bombers rolled in. Please.

America is by no means perfect but to call the shoot down of Iran Air 655 a terrorist act is delusional. Do you think it was intentional? Because that is what real terrorists do. If we were as bad as you make us out to be, we would be carpet bombing heavy populated civilian areas routinely, racking up millions of civilian casualties in order to terrorize people into submission.

But we don’t. The American people would not stand for it, the government wouldn’t order it and the military would never do it. Why? Because, quite simply, we are not a terrorist nation. Get the picture?

John McLaughlin