Letters to the Editor

Olympia enforces law on protests unequally

Arbitrary and unequal enforcement of law is a problem in many communities, and Olympia is no exception. If you doubt this, get a few of your friends to stand with you in the middle of an intersection to block motorists from going about their business and see how long it takes for an officer to arrive and ask you to move. Next, refuse to move and see what happens.

Now think of the police reaction to the demonstrators on Friday night. They blocked several intersections. They refused to let motorists go to their jobs or about their other business. They had police standing by watching and accompanying them from intersection to intersection, yet taking no action while observing clear violations of the law.

Police officers have to follow orders. Evidently the City of Olympia has a policy, with appropriate orders to police to ignore law violators under certain circumstances. You guess what these circumstances are. Not exactly a text book example of equal and uniform enforcement of laws.

Dale Putnam