Letters to the Editor

Clean the lake water and stop the fussing

I would like to offer an observation about human nature. It goes like this: The things that people argue hardest about are the things that are the hardest to prove.

Many of us are getting quite weary of the endless bickering back and forth regarding what to do with the Deschutes River and its dammed lake. Neither side is ever going to overwhelm the other side with their flawless logic, biological facts, and their stacks of PhD experts. It’s just never going to happen. And the bickering will continue to go on and on forever.

If we were to do anything at this point in this lake/estuary fight, it would be to put all the arguments in a box and put the box on a shelf. We could then put any monies involved to work towards the elimination of the source of the fecal coliform in the lake. Fecal coliform is the icky stuff that’s practically guaranteed to make you sick. It’s the stuff that prevents our kids from swimming, diving, giggling, and splashing each other. It’s also the stuff that prevents us big kids from renting watercraft on lazy summer afternoons.

When it’s all said and done, it’s all about the water, not its container that truly matters. And why would anyone want to continue to fuss over water that will make your kids sick and water you can’t drink?

Mike Sullivan