Letters to the Editor

Peaceful protests are OK, but selective ones are not

On Dec. 5, protestors in downtown Olympia protested recent killings of blacks by white police officers. Protests for causes are to be honored, as long as they remain peaceful and respectful of others. Violent and destructive protests such as in Missouri are dishonorable. Deliberately provocative protests, such as Olympia, are also dishonorable.

Worst of all are selective protests. There were no protests when a black man killed four white police officers in Lakewood? Why? Where were the national and local black leaders then? Where were the national and local white liberals then? Racism is a two-way street, which liberals ignore.

There is a joke that says a conservative is a liberal that has been mugged. Perhaps what this nation needs is a national day of blue flu; 24 hours of destructive and provocative lawlessness with no police to protect us. Perhaps then even liberals would honor the police for the tough job they have.

Ardean A. Anvik