Letters to the Editor

Vietnam vet experienced hatred on return from war

To the person who said that “Boomers protested war, not our Vietnam veterans. I do not know what world or realm you belong to. But, the fact is that boomers did hate us, they not only hated us they spat on us, threw garbage at us, called us names such as baby killers while in uniform.

I personnaly experienced all of that and more. After I got out I tried to find a job. I applied to the Houston Police department for a job and the interviewer did not know me she just read the application and at the bottom a question was asked are you a Vietnam veteran, of course, I said yes. In view of that she said I do not meet their standards. And ever since I tried to get a good job. The only job I could get was one that only paid minimum wage. All because I am a Vietnam vet.

By the way, I am well educated. After many years, I finally was able to have my own radio and TV repair shop. It has been a long hard struggle. Boomers do hate Vietnam vets.

Jack Moseley