Letters to the Editor

Ex-cop says behaviors, not race, get a response

I read Mike Brooks letter, and I think it’s spot on. After I read the transcripts of the Mike Brown-Ferguson shooting, I don’t understand how all the spin started to end up making this a racial issue. Doesn’t appear to me that this was racially involved at all. Person violently attacks officer, and the officer had to respond appropriately.

A letter by Jamelle Bouie claiming the “police are empowered to terrorize without consequence.” If that’s how she feels, pretty unfortunate but doesn’t seem to apply to this scenario at all. I’ve also seen protesters with signs, “Black lives count.” Of course they do, as well as any ethnic race. However, police are in place to do a job, protect the community from those who commit crimes; protect the community, others and themselves from violence.

What do those who protest against the police think is a viable alternative? I worked in law enforcement for 24 years and never saw racially motivated acts of police violence. Officers have to react so quickly to violence they first and foremost look at the actions of the person and seldom have time to notice race. It’s what a person is doing that results in their response, not their race.

That being said, I empathize with those who feel the police are racists. I know they have their reasons. Racial profiling is wrong. Skin color should never be a factor. A persons behavior/actions should be the factor.

Larry Hinken