Letters to the Editor

Fast-food bubble is about to burst

For about 40 years, the rise of the fast-food industry was fueled by the growth of two-income households, a need to eat on the run, the relaxing of dietary standards, increasing incomes, proliferation of credit cards, competition and reasonable prices. All these forces, which formerly grew the industry, are now in decline: Two-income households are at a 35-year low; obesity in youths in reversing; family incomes are shrinking; credit use is down; the fast-food “meal” is out of reach and the value/dollar menu in many restaurants is now often hidden and may offer only several unpalatable items which may be served begrudgingly. Even as one major player announces a year-long sales decline and another tries a fire sale on chicken nuggets to lure back customers, unmistakably, we are now witnessing the bursting of the fast-food bubble.

Robin Witrykus