Letters to the Editor

Anything goes social media bad for youth

Kids these days, they’re so violent, so inappropriate, and so reckless. But is that really their fault? Kids are like mimes, they mimic people, and they do what others do. Kids tend to want to fit into crowds, so they act like someone else, like the other people, the “cool” people. But now it’s not just people, its media. Kids are exposed to so many different things through the media, ranging from violence, to cursing, which leads to children maturing faster than they need to. You can watch anything on TV, and anything on the internet. Kids should have the internet, for socializing and chatting, and speaking with distant family, or something along those lines. But you can literally find anything inappropriate on the web. If a child’s parents say that the child shouldn’t watch something, the kid could just go to their computer, look it up, and watch it for free. I see people around me all the time that are influenced by YouTube videos to speak in certain ways or to act in certain ways, different from their own personality. Yes, it would be a lot to put parental guidance on everything, a hassle, actually. But people who upload things to the internet should think about their audience first, anyone could be watching. So, be more aware. What you upload to the internet could negatively affect the future adults of America.

Evan Hawkins