Letters to the Editor

Baby Boomers were the ones lost in Vietnam

The Dec. 19 letter to the editory Jack Moseley, complaining that those of us in the”Baby Boomer” generation hated the Vietnam veterans, is interesting. The Baby Boomer generation had to be born between “1946-1964” Does Moseley know that 95 percent % of the 58,000-plus names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, are “Baby Boomers” mostly in the age group from 18-24? The military “lifers”` from the Korean and World Wwar II era that served during the Vietnam war seemed to not have had a very high mortality rate compared to us “Baby Boomers.” It is a fact that the Baby Boomers did the majority of the fighting and dying in Vietnam. The vast majority of the anti-Vietnam war protesters were actually born “before” 1946?

Thadd May