Letters to the Editor

Decision on Capitol Lake needed, requires courage

A decision needs to be made about Capitol Lake. Many years ago, the swimming hole was closed due to pollution. Before the lake was completely closed to all use -- yep, you can’t even throw a stick in the water for your dog -- my wife and I kayaked the lake and found large parts of it to be a stinking mass of weeds. A veritable Saragossa Sea.

The lake as it exists is a polluted, unusable, stinking, unhealthy body of water. Make something positive come of it. Tear down the dam and let it become a healthy estuary. Perhaps build a Nisqually Wildlife Refuge style boardwalk the length of the estuary with three access spokes. Maybe make places wide enough to have small shops and eateries. Folks could kayak the area at high tide which will never happen as a lake -- those darn New Zealand Mud Snails.

Too many years and too much money has been wasted. How about someone make a decision -- Oh, no! Someone might not be happy. Step up, show some courage and let’s do something. Its’ a state-owned and -maintained facility. Maybe a public vote should happen.

Jack Douglas