Letters to the Editor

Let Blake take the lead on opening county jail

After reading the article about the ARC, I have one suggestion to the Thurston County Board of Commissioners. Both Cathy Wolfe and Sandra Romero should give the lead to Bud Blake in resolving the issue of finding the right money mix to open the ARC.

Like the article said, Sheriff Snaza is a publicly elected official with the management responsibility for corrections. He ran unopposed, which to me means he is doing a great job and is well liked, so his thoughts on this matter mean something. Karen Valenzuela was defeated by Bud Blake which means to me that the people of the county want something to change. Let Blake work the details without a side show circus of narrowe-minded interests, to try and work out the solution.

This will be the best test for the county moving forward into the future. If he is able to find a solution, then the people were right in throwing Valenzuela out of office and maybe the other two on the commission should take notice that people don’t want commissioners not willing to work for the good of the people.

If Blake fails, hopefully the process would be transparent so we can see if the sheriff is being unreasonable and the county commission was right in looking out for the people’s best interest in not giving up more money, or the ARC was doomed to fail from the beginning.

Phil Demme