Letters to the Editor

Congress guilty of tactics it blames Obama for using

Congress accuses the President on his tactics for not being on the up and up, yet Congress is now doing the same thing with the amendment they quietly attached to the spending bill (no public debate or vote) to increase the funding of their campaign war chests. Notice this amendment only benefits politicians, not anything to help this country or the budget itself.

It is very self serving which shows you the true colors of our current Congress. Why is it when it comes to the budget we never see anything being cut or taken away from those in Congress? They get to vote for their own pay, benefits, and laws about their campaign war chest.

All of Washington is no longer about “we the people,” it is about corrupt politicians, power plays, and greed. However, “we the people” need to start looking behind the curtain instead of looking where the media and politicians tell us to look or who to blame. And you wonder why people seem angry more than ever ...

Debbie Schenck