Letters to the Editor

Farmers Market is great option this time of year

Don’t forget that the Olympia Farmers Market is open Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the winter! Eating locally can be tough during the colder months (I used to resign myself to produce shipped from California and South America). When I moved to Olympia in 2013, I took over coordination of the Shellfish Club at The Evergreen State College. Through raising oysters in Eld Inlet and learning about other shellfish operations in the area, I started to understand how a strong community can be built by a strong food system. Now I am making efforts to eat seasonally, much aided by the vibrant seafood culture and farmers markets here.

Often we think of going to the farmers market as an activity for a sunny summer day, not the dreary months of rain, but supporting local agriculture is a year-round activity! I was at the downtown Olympia Farmers Market on a recent Saturday and was delighted by the warmth of the electric heaters. I applaud the local community vendors who weather the weather to bring me the onions, beef, potatoes, and bread for my favorite winter pot roast and mashed potatoes. I encourage all supporters of a strong community to make an effort to visit the Olympia Farmers Market during the winter months. After all, winter is the best time to buy oysters and other local seafood – and our market has some of the best!

Emily Dunn-Wilder