Letters to the Editor

Rare opportunity for city to purchase LBA Woods

We can’t un-squirt toothpaste, we can’t un-drop a bomb and we can’t un-develop the LBA Woods. We have the opportunity to save for future generations what has been called a “precious patch of paradise” right here in Olympia. This 150 acre tract of land is currently at risk of becoming two large housing developments.

Our elected officials and city staff have the funding strategies at their fingertips to create a legacy and purchase this open space land for park purposes. The population of Olympia is projected to increase by 20,000 people in the next 20 years. If we don’t purchase new open space land for parks, places like Watershed and Priest Point Park, already crowded on nice days, will become worn down and crowded.

Let’s purchase LBA Woods before it is lost forever.

Kris Norelius