Letters to the Editor

Pedestrians in all-black clothing are hard to see

I would like to comment regarding pedestrians and bicyclists who do not use visible gear or acknowledge other pedestrians and drivers. There have been too many issues of pedestrians being hit or killed along Martin Way East.

A sincere reminder to pedestrians, who choose entirely black attire, you are looking to get hit, especially where there are no adequate lighting at the intersection or crosswalk. I just encountered two young males that were dressed in all-black attire, walking westbound on Martin Way East, just past Devoe Street SE. . An Intercity Transit bus was going eastbound the two males immediately walked in front of the vehicle, as I was signaled to turn eastbounnd. I had looked both ways before attempting to turn, but I could not see them approaching.

We have had too many accidents on Martin Way East in the past several years. That includes lack of appropriate lighting at heavy traffic intersections, and pedestrians wearing totally black clothing, not paying attention. Pedestrians need to realize the speed limit that they are walking toward or against and do their part as well as the driver to memorize their area’s crosswalks to help avoid accidents. It is even harder for the driver....we cannot see pedestrians who wear totally black attire, plus those who ride bicycles at night without front and back safety lights!

Julie Green