Letters to the Editor

Falling trees more urgent than road improvements

How long will it take the city of Olympia and Thurston County public works to work together to do something about the danger trees on Ames Road, off East Bay Drive, before someone is seriously injured or killed? This road has a history of trees falling on the road and I have called in past years and have been told someone “would look into it.”

Some of these trees, including several that have fallen, still have paint marks on them from the past. Do these paint markings indicate these trees have been noticed as potential problem trees before? On Sunday, March 15, a large maple tree fell down in front of my wife’s car, and if she had been traveling on Ames Road a few minutes earlier it could have crushed her. It required a loader to remove this tree from the roadway.

Some of these trees are completely covered with ivy so they are top-heavy and have more “sail.” Limbs fall from these trees often, and I have personally cleared them as I drive this road at least twice a day. Apparently there was funding the last few years to stripe and/or chip seal but I would rather have the effort put toward making the road safer by addressing this tree issue.

Mike Fealy