Letters to the Editor

Pretty mural on building enough to stop his car

On my way to the Westside Lanes recently I was almost shocked when I drove past a building at 411 State St. There before my eyes were three beautiful paintings or murals on the side of a building. I was lucky enough to find a parking meter across the road. I paid a quarter so I could take in the beauty of it. If the minimum had been a dollar, I would have paid that.

I am somewhat puzzled though, why would the Olympia City Council, allow something that beautiful, and historic, to grace the side of the building? Why did they not send someone with a bucket of gray paint to cover them up before some real people had a chance to view them? One is of a couple pay telephones. One is of a window scene, the other I could not completely make out from the other side of the road. So much traffic whizzing by. I will go get a better look very soon and take some pictures. A breath of fresh air.

Lets hope this kind of art will spread as fast as Scotch broom and replace the ugliness on so many downtown buildings.

Charlie Brough