Letters to the Editor

Lacey can do better than its Walmart site decision

Regarding Karla Wooster’s March 18 letter to the editor about her townhouse and Walmart: If what she wrote is true I think what has happened to her and her neighbors is outrageous. A 200-plus parking lot 15 feet from her back yard?

What was the city planner thinking when Walmart was permitted to put a store so near these people? The total disregard for her and her neighbors’ peace and quiet is inconsistent with prior city planning in Lacey and is very disappointing. The city approved a ‘beautiful’ eight-foot fence to reduce noise and create privacy. The wood is on Walmart’s side. Hello?

Their property values have taken a dive and are not marketable with things as they stand. The Lacey city planner needs to take another look at her situation and ameliorate it as soon as possible.

Jeanne D. Thompson