Letters to the Editor

Marijuana law would let people grow too much pot

For the past 15 years I have followed Sen. Kohl-Welles’ efforts to legalize marijuana. First it was to help the “poor sick” individuals that needed medical marijuana and then the movement to get marijuana legalized, but under control of the state. Now the truth comes out: Senator Kohl-Welles wants everyone to have drugs and she will continue chipping away to obtain what appears to be her goal “a drug induced society.”

Hopefully a few of our state representatives will see through the smoke and realize that if this latest bill passes, Washington state might as well close the regulated “pot shops” and “medical marijuana offices.” After all, why pay for drugs when you can grow your own?

Sen. Kohl-Welles wants to “reduce bureaucracy and provide clear direction to law enforcement.” This bill without a doubt would do that and much more! Individuals could grow what THC level plant they want, grow more “weed” than previously authorized and make it even more available to kids. This bill may provide clear direction to law enforcement, but it won’t make their jobs any easier. (I would be glad to explain the reason to the good senator if she doesn’t understand why!)

It is time for Senator Kohl-Welles to get off the drug wagon and work on more constructive measures that provide long time benefits to our state.

Glenn Dunnam