Letters to the Editor

Water from the tap is better for environment

It is interesting how advertising attempts to influence people into believing something is true but is actually false. For example, printed on the package of one brand of bottled water is a message implying that this brand is very concerned about the environment. The message goes on to say their water bottles contain recycled plastic and they encourage the public to recycle their water bottles because if we all work together we can protect our environment.

This message is ridiculous. If this bottled water company is concerned about the environment they wouldn’t produce bottled water in the first place. Nationally a very small amount of water bottles are recycled into new water bottles. The rest eventually end up in landfills. When you consider the amount of energy used to manufacture the bottles, then ship them to the water bottling company and then on to the retailer there is a huge amount of energy used. It is estimated that the amount of energy used by the bottled water industry in the U.S. would be enough to power 190,000 homes with heat and electricity annually.

Why don’t we just get our water from the tap instead of buying it by the bottle?

R.W. Hanson