Letters to the Editor

Smart phones don’t seem to be making us smarter

The headline reports smart phones now dominate our society. Patricia Sabatini writes how people connected 24/7 are better informed and may be learning more quickly. Really?

The recent history suggests that the smart phone has not made us smarter. Both Reagan and Bush-I regimes supported the Taliban and Saddam at different times. Then the Bush I-and-II regimes reversed the “truth.” They sent treasure and troops to attack the previous allies in defense of royal families in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Few in our high tech congress spoke up. Bush I-and-II left office with the economy stagnated or ruined. In fact, Clinton upset Bush-I’s re-election with the slogan “It’s the economy, stupid”. Now we’re being offered Bush III as smart phones triumph.

Crazy Canadian-Cruz reads nursery rhymes in Congress as he tries to bring the U.S. government to its economic knees. The only other ones who share this nightmare-as-a-dream belong to ISIS and the Taliban. The public adoring Cruz cannot tell friend from foe. After Occupy Wall Street exhaled, few in power exhibit emotion over the inequality threatening to darken our future.

As the 1 percenters continue to hoard the wealth in their private accounts our middle class shrinks. It’s okay, we can always download the latest app promising more friends. Today, three-fourths of Americans bow their heads towards the glowing screen, ignoring the threat surrounding us. To my mind, the rise of the smart phone is pegged to the rise of political stupidity and apathy.

Martin Kimeldorf