Letters to the Editor

Film attendees were very self-absorbed, disruptive

Much of the ongoing destruction of our ecosystems is caused by callous, greedy and/or ignorant behavior of humans. It was particularly disheartening to witness and be the brunt of brutish and insensitive behavior by attendees of “Return of the River” at the Olympia Film Society’s (OFS) historic Capitol Theater. Early arrivals for that event were asked by OFS staff not to enter the darkened theater and take seats because a movie was still in progress. Ignoring that request, scores of early attendees for Return of the River, pushed their way into the balcony in a rush to grab the seats they desired.

“Mommy” is a movie that is difficult to experience. We rank it equal to the movie “Apocalypse Now” for the emotional and psychological toll it has on viewers. To have the last 20 minutes of the show, precisely when the emotional content of the movie is peaking, disrupted by loud, flashlight-shining people – climbing over and around us and laughing as they stumble and almost fall on us – was inexcusable.

Even more astonishing was that this was not the conduct of one or two disruptive parties, but of many people. Their behavior completely ruined the emotional denouement for those of us seated for the movie still in progress. If we cannot even respect the person sitting near us at a public event, what hope is there that we will respect and nourish our ecosystems and the countless other non-human species they support?

Michelle and Jeff Morris