Letters to the Editor

Good leaders critical to future of Olympia

The city of Olympia has a beautiful natural setting, wonderful residents willing to chip in, and a stable job economy thanks to state government. Yet anyone who goes downtown knows that the city is in trouble. What are we missing? Good leaders.

Fortunately, it’s election time. Three city council positions are up for grabs. So far, only three people have declared. Thank you Judy Bardin and Jessica Bateman (both for position 2) and Cheryl Selby (position 1) for stepping up. That still leaves position 3. And ideally, multiple people will run for each position, giving voters a choice. There are many smart, caring, dedicated and honorable people in Olympia, people capable of making wise decisions. We just need a few to run and lead our city to its potential.

For those willing to step up to help lead our community, you have my gratitude.

Joe Lambrix