Letters to the Editor

Flight victim was a true citizen of the world

Daniela Ayon – Today we remember and focus on one of our fellow students who was aboard the Germanwings flight that crashed in France. Daniela Ayon began her studies with Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Spain in 2004, joining the Blue College Group in Yelm in 2009. Daniela was a world citizen, participating in events in Europe, Australia, and for the last several years in Mexico. She shared her journey in the “Great Work” with many friends, her mother Gladys Razo, and her sister Fernanda Ricco.

Daniela’s most recent event was the Divine Jazz Mexico Retreat with Ramtha and me in February of last year. Remembrances can be posted to Daniela’s Facebook page. Let this remind all of us to create our day so that our destiny may be long and fruitful — a beautiful lesson Daniela leaves with us.

JZ Knight