Letters to the Editor

Proposition 1 is needed to fix Tumwater streets

I support Tumwater’s Proposition 1 to help fund street and sidewalk repairs and maintenance. As I drive around Tumwater, it’s pretty clear that many of our streets and sidewalks are in need of major repair work. Having well maintained streets and sidewalks are significant factors to the overall quality of life for our residents and businesses. The two-tenths of 1 percent sales tax increase will provide a secure funding source to help address this need.

By law, this tax can only last for 10 years. It’s just 2 cents on a $10 purchase or $1 on a $500 purchase. With the extensive retail sector in Tumwater, this small sales tax increase would be paid by a majority of the users of our city streets and roads that drive to Tumwater to shop. In the past, Tumwater received significant state and federal grant money to help pay for street repairs and maintenance. Those funds are no longer available.

Continued delay of repairs and maintenance means that our streets and sidewalks will continue to fall apart requiring even more costly repairs or total replacement in the future. Also by law, the money raised by Proposition 1 can only be used for street and sidewalk repairs and maintenance; it cannot be used to subsidize new development. Please vote “yes” in support Tumwater’s Proposition 1.

Ralph Osgood, former Tumwater mayor