Letters to the Editor

Need revenue? Senate has load of tax cut proposals

Why aren’t you advocating an income tax? Look at what the Senate Ways & Means committee is working on:

HB 1550 – Simplifying the taxation of amusement, recreation, and physical fitness services. SB 5827 – Providing a sales and use tax exemption for eligible server equipment installed in certain data centers. SB 5878 – Concerning nonresident vessel permits and taxation. SSB 5209 – Concerning a hazardous substance tax exemption for certain hazardous substances. SB 5665 – Reinstating tax preferences for high-technology research and development. SSB 5449 – Creating a tax division of the court of appeals. SB 5575 –Providing sales and use tax exemptions to encourage coal-fired electric generation plants to convert to natural gas-fired plants. SB 5698 – Extending the expiration date of tax preferences for food processing. SB 5701 – Creating a business and occupation tax credit for advanced composite manufacturing and wholesaling. SB 5700 – Extending the expiration date of tax preferences for biofuel, biomass, and energy conservation. SB 5904 – Providing a public utilities tax credit for forest derived biomass used to produce energy. SB 5042 – Providing a business and occupation tax credit for businesses that hire veterans. SB 6013 – Providing use tax relief for individuals who support charitable activities. SB 6027 – increasing the tax credit available to certain motion picture activities. Exemptions and credits.

Barbara Roberts