Letters to the Editor

Leaving pets in vehicles exposes them to high risk

I’m a member of the Valley Athletic Club in Tumwater. Every year this time, something happens in the parking lot of the club that shouldn’t. People leave their dogs in their cars while they work out. Did you know that on a lovely spring day with 65 degree weather, the inside of your car can quickly get to 160 degrees? Did you know it’s a misdemeanor and considered cruelty to animals to do so with fines up to $1,000?

Intention turns it into a felony with thousands of dollars in fines. What’s more intentional than leaving your animal in your car while you get a work out in? I can call the authorities and I get pictures but I just want to know how a person can do this to their “beloved” pet? If they truly are the animal lovers they claim to be, they would do something about this.

Tammy Workman