Letters to the Editor

Where is the outrage over Democrats who tell fibs?

When Democrat politicians bring shame to their party, party leaders and rank and file should object to their lack of principles; yet few Democrats criticize these politicians. Why? The Democrat mantra heard and seen on radio, TV, newspapers, and in person includes: Party trumps patriotism; power trumps honor; winning trumps values; demagoguery trumps facts; politics trumps principles.

Forty years ago, during Watergate, Republican President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace after Republican Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker and Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater confronted him over the ‘lost’ 18 minutes of taped recordings. Republican leaders held nation above party and principles above politics. Currently, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton erased all data from her home server’s hard-drive in spite of a congressional subpoena searching for “lost” records.

Did she obstruct justice? Was she hiding something about Benghazi? These questions remained unanswered as no Democrat demands she cooperate. Party trumps patriotism. Power trumps honor.

In 2012, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of not paying income tax. Recently Reid admitted he lied. When asked about the lie, his response: “Well, Romney didn’t win, did he!” Silence from Democrats. Winning trumps values. Do Democrats sacrifice honor, values and principles to win elections and talking points? Will responses to this letter criticize Democrats or me? Demagoguery trumps facts; worst of all politics trumps principles.

Ardean A. Anvik