Letters to the Editor

Saint Martin’s report brought back memories

I so enjoyed your special Sunday report on Saint Martin’s Abbey and the monks. It was a great piece. I graduated from Saint Martin’s in 1970 and only have the fondest of memories of my college years.

I chuckled to myself seeing Abbott Neal in his “street” clothes as I have only seen him in his habit. Then to learn he bakes muffins too was a delight! My husband and I knew him first as Father Neal when he was at Sacred Heart Church. He actually married us almost 35 years ago.

I still walk around the campus periodically and also enjoy walking through the cemetery thinking about many of the monks who were my professors. They provided a wonderful education for me. I especially recalled Father Meinrad who charged us one penny for every minute we were late to class, and used his collection of pennies to help build the gym! I didn’t even know I enjoyed history until I began taking his classes.

I was part of the first group of women who actually lived in the dorms. Part of the first group of girls who got to sing with the well known SMC Men’s Chorus. My husband and I periodically attend church there, and I am comforted by the sense of peace SMC brings me. Thank you, reporter Lisa Pemberton and photographer Tony Overman for your wonderful tribute to SMC and the Benedictine monks.

Lorraine Racus