Letters to the Editor

Student testing should consider learning styles

The recent article about the new testing system – “The new state tests: How will Washington students measure up” – states that students taking these tests based on the Common Core may need several years to reach proficiency and parents are worried their children will fail. It also states that these tests and standards are more specific than old ones, but cover less topics to help prepare students for college or post high school.

If this is truly the case, students will be missing out on those basic skills in the topics that are not covered by this education system. I thought the whole point was to be broad and well-rounded until college when the student gets to choose their own specification. Not to mention that changing the testing in education cannot be great for anyone who has been brought up through the old ways of testing. And when is this kind of testing going to stop?

This is only one way of testing with very specific standards for countless learning styles among students. One way of evaluating someone’s understanding is not accurate for every single person. There is a large variety of people and there needs to be a large variety of teaching styles and evaluations.

Donna Wilson