Letters to the Editor

Common Core: a preview of the coming attractions

I would like to make a few predictions (in no particular order) about Common Core in our state: There will be an increase in the achievement gap between rich and poor students. There will be a rebellion against it lead by the students themselves. There will be growing backlash by the parents in opposition to the testing and the time taken away from instruction.

You will see English-learners and computer-beginners getting poor scores even though they’re bright kids. You will see teachers that you know are good teachers receiving poor assessments because they choose to work with under-performing kids. You will find moms in tears because they can’t help their kindergarten kids with their math homework. You will find kindergarten kids having to choose between answers a, b, c, or d when they don’t know what an a, b, c, or d is.

You will see kids that once were excited about going to school turn away and say they hate it. You will see non-tested subjects disappear from the curriculum. You will find out who is making lots of money from this. You will see many (especially new) teachers burn out. You will find that every subsequent test harder than the one before (to prove our schools were/are failing.) You will wish Bill Gates would keep his nose out of schools. You will find who’s been pushing Congress to withhold the monies from the recalcitrant. You will find the major presidential candidates polarized on this issue.

Mike Sullivan