Letters to the Editor

Downtown is problem area that needs care, upkeep

I have lived in Olympia for the past 15 years and have regretfully watched as our downtown area has been turned from a place of beauty to a garbage dump in many areas. The real estate that Olympia’s downtown sits on is a scenic treasure but will not remain one if we don’t take care of homelessness in our city. Having people use our streets as their own private garbage dumps, latrines, bedrooms and party hang-outs is having a substantial and detrimental effect on this area.

Working people who follow the rules and struggle to make it in today’s economy are not going to want to live, work or play in downtown if these conditions continue. Instead of allowing this activity to continue we must enforce our laws prohibiting these behaviors and get serious in finding shelters for those in need of it. These shelters should not be on prime downtown real estate but instead somewhere out of the downtown area that has public transportation to needed services.

Downtown is a treasure to be enjoyed by all Olympians, to include families, children, and the elderly and not just those that cannot or will not work towards its care and upkeep.

Laurie Davis