Letters to the Editor

‘Big money’ stirs up all sorts of grievances

Big money buys lots of “free speech” (skewed politicians, air time, TV ads) stripping the “wants” out of the middle class and the “needs” out of the poor, influencing their un- and under-educated guesses about political choices. Who is up to combat billionaires’ funding of political agendas? What sort of “democracy” has ours become? And who let it happen?

Reagan’s unfettered capitalism, “greed is good”, devastating downward mobility, obscene contempt for the un-rich are now countered by some new age activists. Their shared moral outrage over corporate usurpation of our democratic power, freedoms, and opportunities can be seen in Jim Hightower’s February “LOWDOWN” issue – featuring “What Occupy, the Climate March, #BlackLivesMatter, have in common and why that should inspire us.” His list of justified grievances include: Citizens United, NAFTA/CAFTA, voter suppression, perpetual war, crumbling infrastructure, corporatized higher ed, payday loan schemes, stop and frisk, police militarization, bans on unions, poverty wages, deregulation, attacks on reproductive rights.

Some of the fault lies with ill-informed, led-astray voters, pursuing greed or one-sided religious issues, incapable of recognizing the complicated total picture of overpopulation and climate change, which ought to have stopped senseless procreation and started to cut back on indulgences, increased recycling, caring for our one and only environment.

Outside observers must see the ludicrousness of our current politicians’ posturing, beholden to big money, selling out all those who voted from them. And this does neither concern nor outrage you?

Helga S. Teske