Letters to the Editor

VA’s letter is example of government waste

Why does the Veterans Administration have the resources and time to have someone type up a memo, put it in an envelope and mail it to me, all at tax payer expense – just to tell me they apologize for not being able to process my disability claim yet, and they will work on getting it approved as quickly as possible? They could email me and save time and money, or more importantly that worker could be used to work on getting ALL veterans’ claims through the system.

But the part that gets under my skin is the VA website says my claim is expected to be completed sometime between February and June. So why the time and expense spent in the beginning of March to tell me you are working on it when I already knew that? Government wastes so much that we aren’t even aware of or can possibly fathom that it is scary how good we could be as a country if the government functioned in an efficient manner.

Just remember South Sunders, if you like the heck coming out of Congress you can keep voting in the same representatives and senators or try someone new. Some say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Just look what happened with the Thurston County commissioners and the new jail as an example of what could happen when the old same people that can’t get things accomplished are voted out.

Phil Demme