Letters to the Editor

Home rule opponent says it means big government

This is in rebuttal to former Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed, a supporter of the "Home Rule Charter" in Thurston County. Home rule charter proponents claim it will give Thurston County citizens a better government if we only will vote for a home rule charter. The citizens can have a better voice in government, if more then the few registered voters who now vote would just go vote in elections. The current commissioner districts can be redrawn to better represent the population trends.

The idea that we need to have a home rule charter with more commissioners, more staff – that it will make your government better – just doesn't have any proof! In my undergraduate days in government 101, the first thing we learned is bigger government will always equate to more spending, taxes and less opportunity for citizens to have input. The home rule charter is bigger government, more spending and tax money from the citizens as the answer to all problems in county government.

Bigger government is never a positive solution to anything! I urge the citizens of Thurston County to not sign the initiative for a home rule charter. We just can't afford a home rule charter. Just say no to a home rule charter!

Thadd May