Letters to the Editor

U.S. foreign policy is failing in many places

To even the most casual observers of Mideast foreign policy, Obama, Clinton and Kerry must recognized as a dismal failure. It is easy to go through a list of the region’s countries and tick off the failures.

Libya – a failure that resulted in terrorist taking over the country and killing the U.S. ambassador.

Egypt – failure with the Muslim Brotherhood seizing the country before moderate military forces took it back.

Syria – failure to assist in the disposal of a longtime dictator or to stop the spread of terrorism.

Iraq – failure with the premature removal of U.S. forces allowing ISIS (or ISIL) terrorist to seize cities and land in that country.

Iran – failure to either stop or reverse that country’s long time goal of obtaining an atomic weapon.

Israel – failure by the antagonizing of Israel’s governments leaders.

It is any wonder U.S. foreign policy is a laughing matter in most of the world under our three previous and current political leaders? Russia mocks us and other countries no longer trust us. Why would any reasonable American want to keep these people in positions to control our foreign policy?

David Koch