Letters to the Editor

U.S. takes too many cues from the United Nations

I don’t care what political tag the next president wears – Democrat or Republican. I do care about what he wants for the future of our nation and what changes are needed for its continued existence as a free country. Two presidents that did care appear to be Harry Truman (D) and Ronald Reagan (R).

Others seemed too eager to subordinate the U.S. Constitution to the whims of the United Nations which is little more than an international debating society that is more talk than action. We have been essentially a lapdog for the U.N. since late 1945. We carried the military burden in WW2 and also in Korea, Vietnam, Europe’s defense and Japan’s defense, with still no end in sight!

It is time we go our own way without taking orders from the U.N. We have as large a threat from within our country as from without! Most voters seem to want “consensus” from congressional leaders and not the dreaded conservative “gridlock” (fighting for our nation’s future). So we are forced to “stay the collision course” with national bankruptcy, dead ahead.

When that happens, the current White House will likely declare a “national emergency” and take over all our 401k/IRA accounts to pay the U.S. debt – why not? Aren’t our 300 million citizens the ones ultimately responsible for it? Who else are – the U.N. and our socialist leaders who blindly follow it? Dream on! Welcome to socialism class 101.

William Cosgrove